Busy, Busy

So much going on right now! I’ve been sewing a lot but regular life is keeping me on my toes, too. Family life will do that to a mom!

Here’s a sampling of the newest goods. Find them in the shop  



A Large Order

Last year I made and sold a number of items to the Lancaster Mennonite Historical  Society. Then about two months ago, I got another order for “a few dozen sets of pot holders”. Well sure! I do love making those things and have always wanted to try making as many as it took to get sick of them. Well that number is 30. I wanted to send 36 sets so I grabbed a few from my Etsy stash and called it quits!
I had loads of fun tho. Coming up with new patterns or color combos is one of th best parts. And I worked with both vintage and modern fabrics (not in the same sets). 

Glad to have them shipped out!  

New Additions

Several pairs of pot holders and a chevron baby blanket.  I had a lot of fun with this new pot holder design. Also, those blues? Striking, yes?


Oh and also this fish pouch. I made myself a wallet using this fabric and figured the leftovers would make a cute zippered pouch. 


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Shop Stock

I’m stocking the shop before spring gets too busy! 

These are the first pot holders I used free motion quilting on. I’m pleased with how they turned out even though I have a lot to learn in that area. 

Find them all here in the shop. 

P.S. There’s also this:

But she’s not for sale!